Care of the Elderly Service with Luxury Philippines in Malta

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Experts in caring of the elderly

At Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Agency, we offer professional senior care, internally or externally. Our staff is empathetic and honest, and takes care of your daily needs and household tasks, including:

  • Personal cleanliness.
  • Cleaning and Home Care.
  • Washing and Ironing Clothes.
  • Purchasing Service.
  • Kitchen Service.
  • Accompaniment.
  • Night Watch.

We conduct in-depth interviews to introduce you to the ideal candidates. In addition, we guarantee replacements during the first six months in all our services. Your peace of mind and the quality of care for your loved ones are the priority of Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Agency.

elderly care in Malta with Luxury Philippines

The best staff for your home or business in Malta

At Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Agency, we seek to provide you with balance and quality in family life. Trust us to find the perfect maid for your family.