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Crafted Dining Experiences with Our Chefs in Malta

At Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Agency, our Filipino chefs are experts in preparing various menus and diets, and they also take care of all kitchen and household tasks in your home. These are some of its functions:

  • Organization of Weekly Menus: They design balanced menus for the whole family, adapting to your preferences and dietary needs.
  • Kitchen for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: They prepare delicious meals for all occasions, from comforting breakfasts to gourmet dinners.
  • Shopping List and Product Purchase: They manage food purchases, ensuring they have fresh, quality ingredients for each dish.
  • Cleaning the Work Area and Utensils: They keep the kitchen impeccable, guaranteeing a hygienic and orderly environment.

Whether you prefer Mediterranean, Maltese, sushi or vegetarian cuisine, our Filipino chefs are specialists in satisfying your culinary tastes. Contact Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Agency and we guarantee the replacement staff you need during the first six months until you find the perfect chef that fits all your needs and preferences, whether to work internally or externally.

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Luxury Philippines Domestic Services is your exclusive agency to hire domestic services from Filipino employees. We offer you more than a service, we offer you a human and dedicated experience. Trust us to find the perfect domestic employee for your family.