arrival new domestic services to malta

The Arrival of Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Malta

Malta, a luxury destination in the heart of the Mediterranean, is now witnessing the opening of a new agency that is changing the concept of domestic service: Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Agency. We are known around the world for providing highly professional staff from the Philippines, and we have arrived in Malta with a unique and innovative proposal that is quickly gaining recognition in the sector.


Advantages of Hiring Filipino Staff in Malta

The Philippines has become a global benchmark when it comes to domestic service, and Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Agency is bringing this exclusive experience directly to the doors of Maltese homes. Hiring filipino staff offers a number of advantages that cannot be overlooked.

Professionalism and Experience

Filipino staff are recognized for their professionalism and dedication. Many of the professionals at Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Agency have extensive experience in the sector, which guarantees our clients high-quality service. Whether it is a domestic help, housekeeper, nanny, driver or gardener, the experience and skills of the filipino staff are exceptional in every task.

Cultural Connection and Effective Communication

The cultural connection between Malta and the Philippines is striking, facilitating effective communication between staff and colleagues. This connection contributes to a harmonious work environment, where expectations and needs are easy to understand, thus creating strong and lasting working relationships.


Our Exclusive Services in Malta

Luxury Philippines Domestic Services in Malta not only offers a standard domestic service, but a wide range of services designed to meet the specific needs of the most demanding clients.

Personalized Domestic Service

The core of the services offered by Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Agency is personalized domestic service. Our personal staff takes care of daily household tasks, ensuring a clean and organized environment so our clients can enjoy their free time without worry.

Housekeeper for your home

The figure of the housekeeper goes beyond carrying out domestic tasks. Our housekeepers add that touch that only filipino staff can give to your service, offering warm and personal treatment. Its functions are very complete, from efficient home management to coordinating special events. In each of the services they ensure that every detail is perfectly taken care of.

Professional and caring babysitters

We have highly qualified nannies who are affectionate with the little ones in the house. The safety and well-being of children is a priority for us, and the filipino staff stands out for their love and dedication towards the little ones, creating an environment of trust and care.

Efficient and Trustworthy Drivers

Our chauffeur services guarantee safe arrival at each destination and also a comfortable and worry-free trip. Filipino drivers are known for their professionalism behind the wheel and their attention to detail, making every journey a pleasant experience.

Professional gardening

Taking care of outdoor spaces is as important as taking care of indoor spaces. The filipino gardeners at Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Agency transform outdoor spaces into places full of serenity and beauty. Garden design, regular maintenance… the work of our filipino gardeners will not leave you indifferent.

Business Services

At Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Agency we are not only dedicated to homes,

We also offer services for companies. From facility management to employee care, we offer solutions to your business needs, offering you the professionalism and quality you need.


The Difference is Luxury Philippines Malta

The arrival of Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Agency to Malta marks a before and after in the way domestic services are received and offered in the region. With professional filipino staff and a full range of services designed to meet the most demanding needs, our agency is leaving a positive and lasting impression on Maltese homes and businesses. Perfection, professionalism and the distinctive filipino touch are the cornerstones of this new era in domestic service in Malta.