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Unlocking Exceptional Childcare: Full time external nanny in Malta

The best nanny services in Malta

In Malta, warmth and commitment define the Filipino community, our full time live out nanny are known for their gentleness, dedication and patience, especially when it comes to caring for the youngest members of the household. They create warm bonds with families and pass on values of respect from generation to generation.


Why choose a full-time external nanny from LPDS Agency in Malta?

Experienced care for every age

Our Filipino and English-speaking nannies provide expert care for babies, children and teens. Their commitment goes beyond the call of duty, creating an enriching environment that fosters growth and happiness.


Specialized care for your child’s well-being

  • Personal hygiene of the child

Our full time live out nanny of Malta pay special attention to children’s personal hygiene, ensuring their well-being and comfort. They understand the importance of maintaining cleanliness and create a hygienic routine adapted to each child’s needs.

  • Specific care for babies

For the little ones, our nannies bring their expertise in specific baby care, attending to their needs with dedication and affection. From feeding to naptime, they ensure that your baby receives personalized attention and care.

  • Daily cooking

Preparing nutritious and balanced meals for children is one of the strengths of our full time live out nanny in Malta. They adapt to each child’s tastes and dietary needs, ensuring that they receive meals that not only nourish but also delight their palates.

  • School pick-up and drop-off

Ensuring safety and care during school transportation, our nannies establish a trusting connection with the children. They make the trip to and from school a safe and pleasant experience, fostering a sense of trust.

  • Games, rides and companionship

Creating a fun and stimulating environment, our full time live out nanny of Malta engage children in games and activities, ensuring their all-round development. They become companions, encouraging laughter and growth through shared experiences.

  • Day and night care

Our nannies are available both day and night to ensure parents’ peace of mind and children’s well-being. Their unwavering commitment extends 24 hours a day.

  • Washing and ironing

Taking care of the children’s clothes, our nannies make sure they are always clean and tidy. They take care of laundry and ironing with precision, keeping an organized closet for the little ones.

  • Cleaning of rooms and √°reas

Maintaining a clean and organized environment is a priority. Our nannies keep the spaces tidy, creating a comfortable and safe area for children to thrive.

Our Filipino full time live out nanny in Malta are experts in childcare and are prepared to adapt to your family’s needs. Share your expectations and family situations to start our thorough screening process at Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Agency. Trust us for the best full-time external nanny in Malta, dedicated to the well-being and happiness of your children.