Forging connections at the LPDS Malta Agency Social Club

Forging connections at the LPDS Malta Agency Social Club

LPDS Agency Social Club in Malta emerged to support and build community with filipino candidates looking for a job in this great country. Our exclusive Social Club brings together filipino talent, guaranteeing their well-being, growth and recognition in a foreign country.


Empower filipino Candidates: Join our unique community

Career Opportunities Abound

Are you a filipino looking for a rewarding career abroad? The LPDS Malta Agency offers you a unique opportunity to join our team of domestic service professionals. Discover a workplace that values ​​your skills, encourages growth, and provides a supportive community in a foreign country.

LPDS Social Club – A Home Away from Home

Be part of the LPDS Social Club, your home away from home. Connect with fellow filipinos, attend interesting events and be recognized for your achievements. Our club is more than just a workplace; It is a family that ensures that you never feel alone in a foreign country.


LPDS Social Club – Nurturing Excellence and Community

Recognition and Rewards

At LPDS Malta Agency we celebrate your achievements. Join our Social Club to be part of a community that recognizes and rewards your dedication. You can get awards for your dedication and outstanding work, attend events where you can have fun and share experiences, attend training that will help you improve in your daily work… We make sure that you feel valued and accompanied in everything moment.

Comprehensive Support and Training

LPDS Social Club goes beyond the professional field. We offer training sessions to help you adapt and excel in your daily roles. Feel confident and equipped with the skills necessary for success, ensuring you thrive both personally and professionally in your new environment.


LPDS Malta Agency – Where Your Success Matters

Join Us for a Fulfilling Career

Come work at the LPDS Malta Agency. Be part of a community that cares about your well-being, offers you exciting career opportunities and ensures you never feel isolated. Your success matters to us and with LPDS Social Club your career abroad becomes a rewarding adventure.

Elevate Your Career and Life

The LPDS Malta Agency is not much more than a place where you can find work, it is a community where you can feel an important part of it at all times. Join us to improve your career and your life in a foreign country to feel as close to home as possible. At LPDS Social Club, connections are forged, achievements are celebrated, and you become a valued part of our extended family.

LPDS Malta Agency offers filipino candidates a world of opportunities, support and community through the LPDS Social Club. Join us and let your career abroad be a journey of fulfillment, growth and celebration.