Staffing Solution with Philippine Luxury

Your Ultimate Staffing Solution with LPDS Malta

One of the interesting services that Luxury Philippines Domestic Services offer in Malta is the offer of the best selection of personnel for hotels, companies and offices, meticulously selected to meet all your needs.


Profiles for every need

A wide variety of services

At Luxury Philippines Home Services Agency we offer a wide range of profiles to meet the different needs of hotels, companies and offices in Malta. From expert housekeepers ensuring businesses are well-maintained to chefs creating culinary delights, our selection spans many roles to deliver the highest quality in the widest variety of services for your establishment.

Filipino experience in all services

Learn about the exceptional work of filipinos, who fit perfectly into services such as private drivers, gardeners, and more. Our agency guarantees that each employee not only meets job requirements but exceeds expectations, bringing the recognized commitment, dedication and quality to each task they undertake.

Unparalleled filipino home care

Filipino domestic workers are recognized worldwide for their sincerity, flexibility and top-notch quality of service. Our agency is proud to bring these qualities to your doorstep. We understand the importance of having professionals who are experts in various fields to meet all your domestic needs. From meticulous candidate selection to ensuring your peace of mind, we are dedicated to making your life easier.


Exclusive Advantages with Luxury Philippines Domestic Services Agency

Extensive database access

The Luxury Philippine Home Services Agency distinguishes itself by offering access to a complete and extensive database. This allows you to evaluate a broad pool of qualified candidates, giving you the freedom to select the perfect candidate for your staffing needs. Whether it’s a cleaning service or a culinary expert chef, our database is your gateway to the best service in Malta.

Guaranteeing your peace of mind: replacement guarantee

We understand the importance of offering you a perfect staffing experience, which is why we at Luxury Philippines Home Services Agency offer you a Replacement Guarantee for the first 6 months. This guarantee ensures that any unforeseen circumstances or changes are addressed quickly, giving you peace of mind and uninterrupted operational efficiency.

Unmatched quality of the people of the Philippines.

Our agency is committed to its clients to work exclusively with highly professional employees from the Philippines. This dedication to quality offered by the filipino staff ensures that each person we recommend possesses not only the necessary skills but also embodies the values ​​of sincerity, dedication and perfection that are synonymous with the filipino work ethic.


LPDS the agency you were looking for

Luxury Philippine Home Services Agency emerges as the best option to give you staffing solutions for hotels, businesses and offices in Malta. From diverse profiles that cover various functions to exclusive advantages such as access to a complete database and Replacement Guarantee, our agency guarantees professionalism and quality in each hire. Trust us to have the best team at work, bringing the unmatched warmth, commitment and experience of filipino staff to your establishment.